The first record and description of male of Paralongidorus rex (Nematoda, Longidoridae) from Ukraine with comments on female uterine eggs morphology

Keywords: Longidoridae, needle nematodes, morphology, Paralongidorus rex, Ukraine


This paper presents the first report of male specimen of Paralongidorus rex Andrássy, 1986. It was found in the population collected from the rhizosphere of Acer platanoides in Lviv, Ukraine. Morphology of male, especially structure of spicules and arrangement of supplements, described in details and compared with most closely related species. It can be distinguished from all other similar species by longer spicules. Morphometric data on females and male of this population are provided. Morphology of female genital tract described in details. Uterine eggs are detected in genital tract of females for the first time and their morphometrics are provided. During current research, clearly expressed seasonal reproduction of this parthenogenetic species on the territory of Western Ukraine was revealed. Uterine eggs were observed only in genital tracts of females from the soil samples collected in the first decade of May but no female specimens with eggs were detected in numerous P. rex populations collected during summer period (June-September).


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