The fruit flies of Morocco: new records of the Tephritinae (Diptera, Tephritidae)

Keywords: host plants, Middle Atlas, Morocco, new records, Rif, Tephritidae, Tephritinae


Based on the samples of the true fruit flies belonging to the subfamily Tephritinae collected in Morocco during 2016–2020, the genus Chaetostomella Hendel, 1927 and the species Myopites cypriaca Hering 1938, M. longirostris (Loew, 1846), Tephritis carmen Hering 1937, and Urophora jaculata Rondani, 1870 are recorded for the first time in North Africa and Chaetorellia succinea Costa 1844, Chaetostomella cylindrica Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830, Terellia luteola (Wiedemann, 1830), Terellia oasis (Hering, 1938) and Urophora quadrifasciata algerica (Hering, 1941) are new records for the Moroccan fauna. The occurrence of Capitites ramulosa (Loew, 1844), Tephritis simplex Loew, 1844, and Aciura coryli (Rossi, 1794) are confirmed. Host plants as well as photos of verified species are provided.


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