The Relationship Between Fish Length and Otolith Size and Weight of the Australian Ancnovy, Engraulis australis (Clupeiformes, Engraulidae), Retrieved from the Food of the Australasian Gannet, Morus serrator (Suliformes, Sulidae), Hauraki Gulf, New Zealnd

Keywords: otolith size, Hauraki Gulf, fish length, food, feeding


Relationships between fish length and otolith length, width and mass were examined in the Australian anchovy Engraulis australis (White, 1790) recovered from the food of Gannet examined from colonies at islands of Horuhoru Rock and Mahuki Islands in the Hauraki Gulf. New Zealand. The relationships between otolith length- fish total length (TL), otolith-weight-TL, and otolith-width-TL were investigated by means of non-linear regression models (TL = 0.54 OL 16.86, TL = 4.39 OW 7.61 and TL = 26.19 OWe 2.2). This study characterizes the first reference available on the relationship of fish size and otolith size and weight for Eaustralis obtained from bird’s food in the Pacific Ocean region.


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