Regular Intergeneric Hybridization of Leuciscine Cyprinids (Cyprinidae, Leuciscinae) in the Dnipro Affluants

Keywords: Cyprinidae, bream, roach, bleak, rudd, hybridization, allozymes, morphometry


The large-scale hybridization of fishes of the subfamily Leuciscinae in the subordinate systems of the Dnieper river basin is presented by data on two pair of species, Rutilus rutilus and Abramis brama, Alburnus alburnus and Scardinius erythrophthalmus. The hybridization and occurrence of F1 hybrids are confirmed with allozyme spectra and morphological characters on series of samples. The presence of single individuals sharply deviating in morphological characters among the bleak and common rudd hybrids suggests limited backcrossing with rudd. A complete morphometric analysis of the characteristics of bleak and rudd hybrids has been carried out. The paper discusses the issue of intergeneric hybridization in nature, which is a unique phenomenon characteristic only of some groups of cyprinids. The most likely reason is the overestimation of the taxonomic status of European cyprinids, which is confirmed by the insignificant level of intergeneric genetic divergence.


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