New trematode Collyriclum faba (Bremser in Schmalz, 1831) detected in the birds of Uzbekistan


Mature forms of Collyriclum faba were identified in subcutaneous cysts in the mountain whitethroat – Sylvia althaea Hume, 1878 (Passeriformes: Sylviidae) during a research expedition in an area adjacent to the Surkhan State Reserve in Surkhandarya Province of Uzbekistan on 18 June 2017. In the period between 10 and 18 June 2017, we examined a total of 29 mature birds and detected a skin trematode in one individual. The trematode was identified as C. faba, and this was the first find in Uzbekistan. The mountain whitethroat was identified as a new host of this trematode.


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