Distribution of Ixodes ricinus (Arachnida, Ixodidae) in Ukraine in the Context of Tick Hazard, and Factors Favoring its Persistence in Conditions of Fast-Going Environmental Change

Keywords: ticks, Ixodes ricinus, distribution, urban landscapes, Ukraine


Habitat conditions and factors were studied contributing to the spread of I. ricinus over vast territories. There are excellent conditions for the existence of hard ticks in the settlement agglomerations throughout Ukraine: suitable biotopes with expedient litter and a large number of hosts for all stages of development of ticks. The castor bean tick lives in all of Ukraine, adapting its size of idiosome and diapause to changing environmental conditions, and using the ability to parasitize on animals well adapted to urban conditions. I. ricinus prefers urban landscapes in areas with unfavorable environmental conditions. The hiatus in the range of the castor bean tick between the southern mainland of Ukraine and the steppe regions of Crimea may be restored due to global climatic changes.

Author Biography

I. A. Akimov, I. I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology of NAS of Ukraine

Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Dr Sci, Professor


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