First Record of the Ant Subgenus Orthonotomyrmex of the Genus Camponotus from Nepal (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

Keywords: Ant survey, Himalaya, new record, pitfall, taxonomic notes


The ant subgenus Orthonotomyrmex Ashmead, 1906 of the genus Camponotus is reported for the first time from Nepal. Five species from this subgenus are recognized as new records for Nepal, namely Camponotus mutilarius Emery, 1893, C. opaciventris Mayr, 1879, C. sericeus (Fabricius, 1798), C. lasiselene Wang & Wu, 1994 and C. selene (Emery, 1889). An identification key for all known Nepalese species of Camponotus (Orthonotomyrmex) based on the worker caste is presented.


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