New Records of the Subfamilies Cylloceriinae and Microleptinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) from Eastern Europe

Keywords: Darwin wasps, parasitoids, Carpathians, Poland, Ukraine, key


The species of the tribe Cylloceriini Wahl, 1990 collected in different parts of Poland and Ukrainian Carpathians are listed. Of them, Allomacrus longecaudatus (Strobl, 1903) and Rossemia longithorax Humala, 1997 are recorded for the first time from Ukraine being the second European country record of both species after the original description. The genus Entypoma Förster, 1869 with two species, E. robustator Aubert, 1968 and E. suspiciosum (Förster, 1871) is the first reliable modern record of the genus in Poland. A key to European species of the genus Allomacrus Förster, 1869 is provided.


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