Two Different Cretaceous Worlds: Taimyr and Kachin Amber Trichopterofaunas

Keywords: Insecta, Trichoptera, Polycentropodidae, Hydroptilidae, Taimyr amber, burmite, Rivne amber


Polycentropodidae constitute 55.6% of Taimyr amber caddisfly species with known males, and only 4.8% of caddisfly species with known males in Kachin amber. Micro-caddisflies obviously dominate in Taimyr amber (Archaeopolycentra, Polycentropodidae), Kachin amber (Palerasnitsynus, Psychomyiidae) and New Jersey amber (Hydroptilidae); both Psychomyiidae and  Hydroptilidae are absent in Taimyr amber, Polycentropodidae are absent in  New Jersey amber and rare in Kachin amber. The domination of Polycentropodidae was proposed as a new characteristics of Baeomorpha Realm, their rarity or absence proposed as a new characteristics of Isoptera Realm.


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