Identity of Species Assigned to the Genus Cephalia (Diptera, Tephritoidea)

Keywords: Diptera, Ulidiidae, Richardiidae, Platystomatidae, Otitinae, Cephaliini, taxonomy, nomenclature


The taxonomy of the genus Cephalia Meigen, 1826 has hitherto been confused. This paper comprises a review of the 13 nominal species assigned to the genus Cephalia to date. Of these, C. nigripes Meigen, 1826 has previously been considered a junior synonym of C. rufipes Meigen, 1826, which is here found to be apparently the only species which actually belongs in the genus Cephalia. Regarding the position of the other species: Cephalia fascipennis Wiedemann, 1830, C. femoralis Wiedemann, 1830 and C. marginata Wiedemann, 1830 was already transferred to Setellia (Richardiidae) and C. caloptera Bigot, 1886 synonymized with Euphranta connexa (Tephritidae); C. bicolor Bigot, 1886 synonymized with Elassogaster linearis (Walker, 1849) (Platystomatidae); and C. quadripunctata Gimmerthal, 1842 tentatively placed in the genus Sapromyza (Lauxaniidae). Cephalia myrmecoides Loew, 1860 and C. fenestrata Coquillett, 1900 have been transferred to the monotypic genera Myrmecothea Hendel and Myiomyrmica Steyskal respectively, forming a clearly monophyletic lineage together with C. rufipes within the tribe Cephaliini (Ulidiidae). The following synonymies are also established here for the remaining species: Acrosticta fulvicornis (Bigot, 1886) comb. n., = Cephalia fulvicornis Bigot, 1886 (Acrosticta fulvipes Coqullett, 1900 is possibly a junior synonym) (Ulidiidae); Herina flavoscutellata (Becker, 1900), comb. n. (Ulidiidae), = Cephalia flavoscutellata Becker, 1900; Rivellia maculipennis (Bigot, 1886) comb. n., = Cephalia maculipennis Bigot, 1886 = Rivellia brevifasciata Johnson, 1900 syn. n. (Platystomatidae). The taxonomic position of Cephalia within the subfamily Otitinae is discussed.


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