Phylogeography of the Western Populations of Stylodipus telum (Rodentia, Dipodidae) based on Mitochondrial DNA

Keywords: cytb, Lower Dnieper Sands, Tsimla Sands, Kherson Region, threatened populations


The phylogeographic analysis of Stylodipus telum was performed based on cytochrome b mitochondrial gene. Two westernmost subspecies, S.t. falzfeini and S.t. turovi, both formed independent monophyletic clades, but the genetic distance between them clearly indicates that neither should be treated as a separate species. Individuals from remote populations of S.t. falzfeini mix together and do not have a clear phylogeographic structure, which could indicate a recent panmixia within the subspecies. Populations in Kherson Region are under threat due to the ongoing Russian invasion.


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