Species Diversity and Distribution of Synanthropic Acarid Mites (Acariformes, Acaridia) in Transcarpathia

Keywords: acarid mites, synanthropic species, distribution, altitudinal zonation, climate conditions, Transcarpathia, Ukraine


This article presents the results of research on the species composition of acarid mites and their abundance in Transcarpathia. 24 species of acarids were identified in the studied substrates. The maximum number of species was found in the lowlands – 24, in the foothills – 20, and in the mountainous areas — 17. The highest number of mites was collected in the foothills (2031 individuals), and the lowest — in the mountain area (1149). The indices of the species diversity of acarid mites in different altitudinal zones were not characterized by significant fluctuations. A significant correlation (-0.75) was found between altitudinal zonation and the number of mites species. The lowest indicators of species richness and number of acarid mites were identified in haylofts, regardless of their zonal distribution. On the other hand, in the other synanthropic sites we studied, the greatest diversity of mites was found in storehouses and the maximum number of mites in barns.


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