New Records of Hover flies (Diptera, Syrphidae) from Ukraine. V

Keywords: flower flies, Cheilosia, Dasysyrphus, Epistrophe, Melangyna, Pelecocera, Xanthogramma, new records, Ukraine


Ten additional species of hover flies of the subfamilies Eristalinae and Syrphinae are recorded from Ukraine for the first time: Cheilosia bergenstammi Becker, 1894, C. fraterna (Meigen, 1830), C. nebulosa Verrall, 1871, C. pascuorum Becker, 1894, C. uviformis Becker, 1894, Pelecocera scaevoides (Fallén, 1817), Dasysyrphus pauxillus (Williston, 1887), Epistrophe cryptica Doczkal and Schmid, 1994, Melangyna quadrimaculata (Verrall, 1873), and Xanthogramma dives (Rondani, 1857). Distributions of these species are summarized and species diagnoses are provided. Updated key to Cheilosia males of the group D sensu Becker (1894), which have tibiae with pale parts, is provided.

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Prokhorov, A. V., Popov, G. V., Shparyk, V. Y., & Vasilyeva, Y. S. (2020). New Records of Hover flies (Diptera, Syrphidae) from Ukraine. V. Zoodiversity, 54(3).